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Hello, I'm Susan.

I'm a designer and photographer involved in a variety of creative projects and custom work. Previously I specialized in logo design and identity work. Right now I'm focused upon a select number of projects that range from products to images. I work with everything from pixels to rusty metal. You can find me in the studio and out on the trail in Boulder, CO.

Found online

Over the last three months photographer Thomas Herbrich snapped some 100,000 individual photographs of smoke, looking for unexpected anamalies and fortuitous coincidences where familiar shapes emerged. After carefully sifting through each image Herbrich selected 20 final shots for this series, aptly titled, Smoke. Via Jason Fried. 9.20

What goes around comes around. 9.20

Very helpful filmed and written review of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cameras by Austin Mann. Bonus: lovely footage of some of my favourite places in Iceland! 9.18

Ooh. Leica strips display from digital camera in 60th anniversary return to basics. “Working with the Leica M Edition 60 intentionally demands the same care and attention as working with an analogue model.” Via Coudal. 9.16

Dan Tobin Smith’s show at the London Design Festival looks amazing. Dan Tobin Smith: The First Law Of Kipple. 9.16

Ahead of Scotland’s referendum on Thursday, a light installation been created by street artists TrenchOne, Elph and Purshone on a farm near Edinburgh. A house, a barn and some cabins drenched in tartan light projections. 9.16

“This film, produced by Rapha and Ben Ingham, is about two of America‚Äôs finest and most inspiring road racers, Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter-Phinney. For anyone who saw them race, Davis and Connie came to represent the best in American road racing, combining bold racing with uncompromising attitudes on and off the bike.” Ingham’s film, Davis and Connie. 9.2

“It all began with Holland riding his bicycle around the French capital, obsessively chasing 45-foot-long, deluxe, diesel motor coaches to their parking spaces, in the Champs de Mars by the Eiffel Tower.” Taylor Holland’s elegantly cropped images of tour bus graphics. 7.31

“Remarkably, Liepke’s photographs don’t look like photographs at all. Misty and blurred with gradations of light and shadow, his images often look closer to charcoal drawings.”Peter Liepke’s images of New York. 7.25

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