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Hello, I'm Susan.

I'm a designer and photographer involved in a variety of creative projects and custom work. Previously I specialized in logo design and identity work. Right now I'm focused upon a select number of projects that range from products to images. I work with everything from pixels to rusty metal. You can find me in the studio and out on the trail in Boulder, CO.

Found online

“Remarkably, Liepke’s photographs don’t look like photographs at all. Misty and blurred with gradations of light and shadow, his images often look closer to charcoal drawings.”Peter Liepke’s images of New York. 7.25

Haim Steinbach Let Loose in Menil Collection’s Storage. Steinbach curates his own exhibition, pulling out and including a few things from the museum’s archives. 7.25

Ice Cube Celebrates The Eames. Via CP. 7.24

Yes. 10 Lessons from 4 Years Working Remotely at Automattic from Sara Rosso. 7.9

“Last summer I spent 6 weeks exploring the city of Vancouver”. Lovely film by Ryan Emond. 6.17

On a summer break, making images. 6.1

“Bob Mazzer has spent over 40 years commuting on the tube, armed with his trusty Leica M4, an eye for real life and a fascination with human behaviour. He’s amassed thousands of photos from his years spent on London’s underground service documenting the lives of others – transitory souls committed to camera that Mazzer never saw again.” Beautifully Intimate Images from London’s Underground. 5.31

In a sporadic check on posts from long ago, I’m happy to report that Passive-Aggressive Notes is going strong. 5.24

“The Pink and Blue Projects were initiated by my five-year-old daughter, who loves the color pink so much that she wanted to wear only pink clothes and play with only pink toys and objects. I discovered that my daughter’s case was not unusual.” After photographing subjects the first time, Yoon has returned to some of them a few years later for a second photograph. Slate also wrote a piece on the two phases of the project. 5.11

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