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Hello, I'm Susan.

I'm a designer and photographer involved in a variety of creative projects and custom work. Previously I specialized in logo design and identity work. Right now I'm focused upon a select number of projects that range from products to images. I work with everything from pixels to rusty metal. You can find me in the studio and out on the trail in Boulder, CO.

Found online

A series of lithographs from illustrator Charles Joseph Hullmandel that transforms the English alphabet into sweeping landscapes. 3.5

A detailed Victorian map of London superimposed upon Google Maps. Nice slider where you can move from modern London back in time, and forward again. Amazingly, the only thing that has changed at all in my old neighborhood since Victorian times is that the workhouse is now a polytechnic! 3.3

January in Japan. 3.1

An expansion of the Disassembly Series: Things Come Apart. Fantastic. 2.28

Photographs which make imaginative use of something we have a lot of at the moment. Potholes. 2.26

“The Electric Tube started from the premise of drawing circular Underground routes (Circle Line and London Overground) as actual circles, with the Piccadilly and Central Lines represented as straight lines.” Electric Tube Map by Ollie O’Brien. 2.26

“He that has once done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another, than he whom you yourself have obliged.” The Benjamin Franklin Effect. 2.25

Garbage Beauty combines calligraphy with castoff objects to leave messages and visual surprise around Montreal. Cult MTL profiles them here. 2.24

Great Frontline piece on Generation Like. 2.24

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