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Hello, I'm Susan.

I'm a designer and photographer involved in a variety of creative projects and custom work. Previously I specialized in logo design and identity work. Right now I'm focused upon a select number of projects that range from products to images. I work with everything from pixels to rusty metal. You can find me in the studio and out on the trail in Boulder, CO.

Found online

“These photographs of hand dryers in public bathrooms are a culmination of my travels around the world – and creeping a few people out in the process.” Hand Dryers Around the World. 11.20

A wonderful piece about the Knowledge of London and what an aspiring London taxi driver needs to do to acquire it. 11.12

To celebrate the launch of its 50th issue, the Rouleur magazine team talks about its favourite covers. 10.28

David Lynch’s photographs of old factories. 10.28

18 great fall cocktails to try now in Denver. 10.28

Astronaut Chris Hadfield took 45,000 photos from space. 10.28

Wow, these are certainly Beautiful Maps, indeed. Via Kottke. 10.16

“These pictures of London Bus passengers in the winter months were made at night from a raised platform with a long lens hand held at 1/40th second, on the limits of what modern camera sensors can record.” Some wonderful images by Nick Turpin for his winter series Through a Glass Darkly. 10.16

Purple views of the San Francisco Bay salt ponds by Julieanne Kost. 10.4

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